Pos Pack packages items to ensure they reach their destination securely, in perfect condition and on time. We apply best packaging materials which we keep in stock, ranging from various sizes of corrugated cartons to corrugated board, cardboard cores, SFK, bubble wrap, brown paper, newsprint, shrink-wrapping, eyeleting,
stringing, cerlox binding, glueing and collating.


If required by the client, products to be transported may be stored on our premises. Our warehouses totalling 900sq m are fully equipped for storage, packing and shelving. We have our own forklifts and shrink-wrap machines.


Our delivery vehicles range from 1 ton bakkies to 4 ton trucks. We understand client’s needs for urgency and guarantee speedy service and delivery. Our drivers are well skilled in driving and trained to take ownership of the precious cargo they transport.


All goods in transit, as well as those on the premises are fully insured.

Pos Pack does not charge our clients for the extra mile we go for them.