About Us


There is 1 owner of the Close Corporation namely: Mahomed Essa.

Mr Mohamed Essa has direct ownership and control of the Close Corporation.

Mahomed’s experience in the Advertising, storage, packing and freight industry exceeds 20 years. His many years of experience in this business taught him how to be a great listener when dealing with client’s orders, strict instructions and deadlines.

The hands on approach by management, backed by a stable labour force have earned POS Pack cc its reputation for excellence.

Social Responsibility

We do not have a formal social responsibility or social upliftment policy, however we do contribute financially to charities, non-profit organisations and to causes in support of disadvantaged or underprivileged communities.

Employment Equity

POS Pack has an employment equity programme whereby all employees come from a previously disadvantaged background, which has helped us to obtain a level one BEE status.


We have formed many alliances with BEE entities for the procurement of packing materials and spend a fair percentage on purchases for operational purposes with BEE companies.

Tutuwa Community Trust

In November 2006 POS Pack cc was one of 250 (SME’S) Small and medium sized black owned business entities to be accepted into the participation rights in the Standard Bank Share Ownership Initiative.

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